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Everyone can Get UP!

I developed “Getting UP” to highlight the incredible stories of those who have undergone considerable trauma and/or illness, but also found the inner strength to change their lives and Get UP!


Your life has a purpose and meaning. Your story is written on the blueprint of who you are. [flesh out] I can help you read this. Using an innovative approach and perspective on the various systems at work in your body and life, we see where you can truly thrive in three dimensions. [call to action] If you’d like to learn more, click here for your free Unique Human Design chart or contact Launa today!

The Formula I created in Getting UP..

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What others are saying about “Getting UP”…

“Launa’s positive vision on actions for people that have been through illness is not only useful, it’s inspiring! I highly recommend that you read this book to help you move your life forward and Get U.P.!”

– Brandon W. Johnson, Positive Energy Guy™, Award winning Author, Speaker, and Business Mentor

“In Getting U.P., Launa makes a valuable contribution to the realm of self-discovery and personal mastery. With a combination of personal story and insightful research, Launa supports the reader in easily discovering their Unique Potential, and helps all of us to find and fulfill our special place with dignity and grace. Thanks, Launa, for your wisdom, insight, and care!”

– Abe Brown, Momentum Coaching, President of the Certified Coaches Federation

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