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One size does NOT fit all.

We know this from fashion, from dating, from jobs, to personal development and support. No one’s life experience is the same. No job is exactly the same as another’s. And not everyone is supposed to take action in the same way – this is what makes us Unique.

I have developed personalized programs and tools to fit your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL goals. By further integrating these with your mental, emotional, and spiritual path in life, we learn our unique contribution to the world. Through this holistic approach, we lay the foundations of where you want to go and how we’re going to get there.

We all have our own Unique Design. As we grow, some of us learn to use our natural talents without any obstacles. Many of us still need help to overcome the blockages we’ve developed and integrated along the way. Your ability to overcome these obstacles and unlocking your Unique Potential depends on your Action Potential – the level of action you are able to take in order to succeed.

We can all get lost and forget our purpose in life. This can be experienced when someone encounters a life threatening illness or trauma, or it can come in the form of a simple realization that something just isn’t quite right.

If you have recently learned that there may be more to life than what you’ve been living so far, let me help you discover and develop your Unique Potential. I offer a comprehensive approach to integrating all aspects of your life – whether through individual One-on-One coaching sessions, or through the group-oriented Mastermind Workshops.



Your life has a purpose and meaning. Your story is written on the blueprint of who you are. [flesh out] I can help you read this. Using an innovative approach and perspective on the various systems at work in your body and life, we see where you can truly thrive in three dimensions. [call to action] If you’d like to learn more, click here for your free Unique Human Design chart or contact Launa today!

The Formula I created in Getting UP..

The Unique Potential™ of Survivors: Launa’s Philosophy

“Allow your creativity and intuition to guide you. Live ‘to now.’ Survivors don’t live in the past or the future. I guarantee that if you live in the moment, a voice will begin to speak to you with creative thoughts and ideas that will amaze you.” – Siebert, Al. Survivor Personality (from Getting UP, book)

I help survivors uncover their unique potential and create a life and business that allows them to live their passion while supporting them both physically and financially.

When you are diagnosed with a serious illness or experience a traumatic event, your whole life changes. Yet, what I have found is that even after this life changing event, we try to return to the way our lives were before… and it simply no longer fits the way it used to.

We are usually returning to our previous life for one of two reasons – either we think that is what we have to do because it’s what we know – it’s familiar; and/or we are afraid of leaving the well-worn path to move towards what we are truly called to do.

The problem is that this approach doesn’t work. Survivors of trauma and challenging health conditions are fundamentally changed from who we were before, often including on a cellular, spiritual and/or mental level.

Through our ordeal we can actually become more connected with ourselves and what is really important in life. All of this happens in a way that friends, family, and the general public may not have experienced, and therefore they may not always understand the fundamental shifts.

  • Survivors may discover that the life we’ve led before is no longer satisfying
  • Our health may be compromised in a way that our previous life is no longer physically possible to return to
  • What we were doing before may be, at a core level, the very reason we became sick – this includes the stress, physical demands, the environment, or simply that we are so out of alignment with our purpose that we become ill

Here’s the thing – your health crisis may have been a cry for help from the very centre of your very being.  Physically, it could no longer be ignored. You were forced to take a break to heal.  On a physical level, the body can be pretty demanding: either you make a change or you can die. On a spiritual and mental level, it is not as simple: you have to make a choice to make a change.

This is when people come to me – when they are ready to make the choice to begin their new life in a way that is totally in alignment with who they are and the life they want to create.

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DO YOU HAVE A BIG IDEA WE CAN HELP WITH?When you have the right tools and support…

  • When you have the right tools and support…

    • You start your day feeling less stressed and more confident as you go forward.
    • You live your life and approach relationships with ease, confidence, and crystal clarity.
    • You rebuild your life with new meaning and purpose.
    • You feel less stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, fearful, and/or burned out.
    • You are able to reinvent your life to live how you want to live it – from work to leisure activities, from family to friends and beyond.
    • You have a new sense of self and appreciation for who you are now.
    • You have a feeling of accomplishment for what you’ve created and for what you’ve overcome.
    • You realize what you are truly capable of, regardless of health challenges and other life obstacles.
    • You grow mentally, physically, and emotionally like never before.

    As a result of my innovative approach, you may embrace your new self and live a life that is fulfilling on a deeper level. Contact me today to find YOUR Unique Potential.


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